Program Önerisi – Android ve Windows Programları

Merhabalar, bu yazımızda tarafımca önerilen Windows ve Android işletim sistemlerine hitap eden Android ve Windows program önerisinde bulunacağım. Şahsen kullandığım, beğendiğim ve insanların da kullanmasını tavsiye ettiğim programlar nelermiş, buyrun program önerilerimi hep birlikte inceleyelim.

Android ve Windows Programları

Android İşletim Sistemi İçin : 

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Telegram ile ilgili ayrı bir not düşmek gerekir. Bugün itibariyle 6 yılını kutluyor Telegram. Çalışanların yazdığı yazıyı sizinle paylaşmak isterim.

Celebrating 6 Years of Telegram

We launched Telegram 6 years ago, on August 14, 2013 – and immediately set to work on the next update. That‘s how it’s been ever since.

After a little while we noticed that our work not only brings progress to Telegram – but also results in the evolution of messaging as a whole. It is heartwarming to see our solutions and design decisions adopted as de facto standards across the board.

To keep you entertained while we‘re working on this month’s second update, we’ve compiled a brief history of Telegram. It ended up rather on the ‘humongous’ side of ‘brief’ – but it’s not like the next update is tomorrow either. So read on.

Oh, and if you want to give us a gift, bring two of your best friends to Telegram today.

A (Not So) Brief History of Telegram

For some reason, we started writing this backwards – from the latest update to the primordial summer of 2013. And then it was too late to change the order because the guy who compiled the post said he would go on a hunger strike if we tried.

So if you’re a fan of chronology, please jump to the end and scroll up from there.

August 2019

Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles and More

As you hopefully know, the latest Telegram update brought a way to send silent messages – which result in a notification without sound. We also added custom titles and a slow mode for group admins. But you probably remember this, it’s only been a week.

Following the success of animated stickers, this update also introduced animated emoji for ❤️??? and ?. More are expected to follow.



Yeni programlar kullandıkça liste güncellenecektir.

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